Schwalbe offers major discount for website contributors!

Schwalbe tires are my favourite touring tires as you can see by reading my tire review from my Round Lake Huron tour.

In addition to providing great tires Schwalbe would also like to see this website continue to grow so that it can assist new bicycling tourists as much as possible.

To assist with this Schwalbe has offered to provide a form of club sponsorship to people who contribute to this website's development through assistance with content creation, providing quotes or supplying pictures.

This sponsorship will allow you to purchase Schwalbe tires in North America at wholesale pricing and have access to promotional materials like t-shirts and stickers.

People who contribute to the content on this website or participate in the associated mailing list are eligible.

Examples of contributions include:

- Providing touring related pictures
- Providing quotes or articles related to your touring experiences
- Providing suggestions on new topics that should be covered on the website
- Participation in the Touring 101 Mailing List. This Mailing List's primary focus is the Touring 101 article so threads that discuss the article are always appreciated.

What's in it for me?

The satisfaction of seeing more people use my preferred touring tire and the thrill of seeing others receive a direct benefit for helping me to grow this website.

That's it! No other benefit is needed or required. Ironically I've always paid full price for my Schwalbe products so this will not benefit me personally until my current tires run out. Based on the tires current condition that won't be for quite a while yet!

What's in it for Schwalbe?

Obviously they would like to see more bicycle tourists using their tires. They make a fine product but as you know word of mouth is a great form of advertising. Their hope is that if you like the product then you will talk about it during your travels and encourage others to try their tires.

What's in it for you?

Access to a great product at a lower price and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped grow the Bicycle Touring 101 website by adding content or providing feedback.

How does it work?

Schwalbe would like there to be a main contact point. For now that will be me. Once you have decided to obtain some tires then you should send me an email ( editor at bicycletouring101 dot com ) mentioning that you would like to contact Schwalbe.

Assuming that you have been a contributor to this website then I will put you in contact with Schwalbe. Once the initial contact is made then the remainder of the discussion with be between Schwalbe and you with no more need for me to be involved.

Where can I find more information about their tires?

The best place to start is their website.

If you are looking for other opinions about these tires please consider searching the International Bicycle Touring Mailing List Archives. These tires have been mentioned numerous time by many different people.

Ending thoughts:

The work I am doing on this website is all about giving back to the touring community for helping me when I first got started bicycle touring.

I appreciate that Schwalbe is stepping up to try to reward and assist those people who are helping me make this website a useful touring resource.

The Schwalbe Offer Feedback web page contains feedback from contributors who have purchased Schwalbe tires and provided feedback.


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