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The Internet contains numerous websites. Some are dedicated to touring and should be mentioned on a handy reference page so I've included one here.

This page will likely always be in a state of change as new websites are discovered and added. Don't forget to look at the Contributors webpages. Most of them have trip journals and many also include some good touring information.

If you have a website that you believe should be added please refer to the Adding Links web page.

How-to websites

Website Comments
Bicycle the Americas Contains information links to How-to information as well as journals from people who have completed tours in North, Central and South America
Biking across the United States Includes some How-to information including a FAQ plus information on the authors trip across the US
Bicycle Touring Select Journals and articles plus some really good How-to information
BikeTrip.org Articles and journals with some great photos make this a site worth visiting.
Cycling the World.org How-to information, tour journals, transportation issues and reviews of touring equipment
Mountainbike Expedition Team A great website devoted to information about touring in cold and remote regions. Especially check out their Expedition food section. Very interesting double level stove.
Tour Tales Includes some basic How-to information as well as a number of journals
Touring what little I know Lewis and Clark trail tour from Jordan MT to Bismark ND
Travel to the Horizon Contains numerous links to touring resources including journals and how-to information

Journal Sites

Website Comments
Back in the World Around the world journey by bicycle. Their site lists many remote parts of Canada like Inuvik, NWT and Dawson City. Very interesting to read.
Cycle Logic Press - Bicycle photos and bicycle touring books Neil Anderson's website provides you with an opportunity to purchase his books as well as a chance to read about how he got into bicycle touring. He covers this on his about us page and it contains one of the best first time touring reports that I've ever read.
Cycling Site for Canada's Atlantic Provinces Lists several tour journals. Site is focused on Canada's Atlantic provinces.
Mike's Bicycle Touring and Travelogue Links Contains links to numerous touring journals
Oklahoma Bicycle Society Includes a section with some tour journals from various club tours. Very interesting site.
The Great Canadian Cycling Adventure Alan Medcalf rode across Canada as part of the Tour du Canada group in 2000. Alan is a great writer and his web pages are sprinkled with a number of pictures. I recognize one picture from my Round Lake Huron tour where I took a similar picture myself.
Tour du Canada Tour du Canada Journals page. Mainly excerpts of journals now but it used to include entire journals from people who crossed Canada. Perhaps that will return sometime.


Website Comments
Bike Katy Trail Plenty of useful information to help you plan your tour on the Katy trail. Includes maps, business listings, event listings, an interactive trip planner, discussion forum, and more. Very interesting and well thought out website!
Brian Hedney's Cycling Website Route planning for Toronto to Montreal, Cabot Trail, Toronto to Ottawa and Cuba.
Girlbike Tons of very useful information about women and bike's from a woman's viewpoint. Even men will find tons of good articles on this website.
Ride the Road An interesting website that includes a "25 best places to tour" list as well as other useful items. The list includes places from all over the world and is based on their personal touring experiences. Well worth a visit!
Travel with Bicycles An excellent website that helps when planning tours that will involve airplanes, trains, buses and ferries. The site contains information on renting bicycles as well. Need to know about bike boxes and bags well that's there too! Highly recommended!

Mailing Lists, Forums and newsgroups about Touring

Website Comments
Bike Forums Numerous topics including touring, tandem riding and winter cycling to name just a few. Also has a handy introductions area where you can introduce yourself!
IceBike One of the inspirations for this website it contains lots of information about winter cycling, some information about the Idabike race in Alaska in February and occasionally a touring gem in the winter time (especially from Tony Torti).
International Bicycle Touring Mailing List Another one of the inspirations for this website. Moderate to heavy volume with a very friendly group of people. Worth the visit and don't be afraid to ask your questions.

Special Interest cycling related

Website Comments
A snowplow for a bike This site discusses how to use a bike and a homemade snowplow to keep the local multi-use paths clear for easier winter time commuting


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